Saturday, December 12, 2009

If you don't have studded snows, then ski

Its been a week of glare ice and black ice. Have not seen as many cyclists. I tiptoed through slush and melt on Sunday but in the morning, its not pretty.

Frankly, I'm thinking of plunking down some dead presidents and buying a set of studded bike snows. Some really good information can be found at this link, courtesy of Peter White.

Otherwise, looks like there might be enough snow up on Pajarito Mtn. to break out the cross-country skis. I've added a link to the right to our own Southwest Nordic Ski Club page. Snow might make cycling a little dicey, but it sure does make the trek up to the mountain worthwhile. Join the club and help keep those grooming machines oiled and gassed up.

Here is the most recent report.

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