Saturday, March 6, 2010

New AASHTO Bicycling Design Guide is out for comments

The new AASHTO draft bike guide is online. Here is the document. Over 200 pages and 8 Mb, so not sure everyone will want hard copy.

Some good stuff there and some good definitions. I especially like the AASHTO explicit statement on what is "as far right as practicable, on page 46. Most is in Los Alamos Code except the explicit "right tire track" guidance, which should be good for police and good teaching material for citizens who think we should be riding in the gutter.

Apparently, comments from critics have to go through an AASHTO committee member. I sent one to Richard Moeur, who is a cyclist and state transportation engineer licenced in AZ and who was involved in AASHTO. I emailed State BPE coordinator Tom Trowbridge to see if someone from New Mexico can take comments.

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