Monday, April 26, 2010

Avoiding the Construction Zone

This from Jerry Merkey:

"I rode in today and got to the construction around 7:05. There was no backup at all. I've decided not to have to do a sprint through there so I go up Ridgeway and cut through the pathway (1/3 of the way up) onto 43rd St. From there go through the UNM lot and pathways back out to the bridge walkway. This adds a little time to the commute and you must be careful of walkers. You can also of course ride across the top of the western area on the streets.

Tonight's traffic jam on the way home should be spectacular. The fast bike route will be across the bridge walkway, Tour de Western Area, and come out to the light on Sandia. Go straight through the intersection onto Orange and turn left onto 39th. From 39th you can go "off road" for all of 4 feet to get onto the Diamond sidewalk near the end of the construction. Go 50 feet on the sidewalk and back into the bike lane at the curb cut. This should be the fastest and safest way home tonight (and for the rest of the summer)."


I would only add that you need to look and see if there is traffic coming out of the construction zone. In that case, wait until it clears or stay on the sidewalk until you get to the Pueblo School driveway. Those motorists are shooting out of the construction zone chute pretty fast and its a tight squeeze if you hop off of the sidewalk right in front of one of them.

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