Thursday, May 13, 2010

I pity the fool!

I took some photos on the way in this morning. I am certain that bicycling from town to TA-3 is quicker than driving. Just look at that clear bike lane! And I'd already sailed past a good half-mile of traffic when I took this snapshot.

Khal, would you be up for a car vs. bike race from my house to TA-3 sometime at the end of May?

Khal sez: Neale, I'll take you up on that, but only if you drive the car!!! This morning a guy in a red Hummer passed me as I exited Camino Uva by the Middle School. I passed him in the construction zone and he caught up with me as I was approaching the Diamond-Sigma intersection. So driving isn't very time-efficient unless you really need the car while you are away at work.


Anonymous said...

Interesting/Annoying readers forum post from a few days ago. Basically said she was getting road rage from being stuck behind a bicycle ALL THE WAY from the Trinity stoplight to Orange street. Said bicyclist was urged to get off the road and use the sidewalk instead. Share the road and all that.

Khal said...

Yeah, that's a tortuously long distance, isn't it?

Thursday I was riding my bike home and traffic was backed up from Orange Street back onto the LA Canyon Bridge and as far up Trinity as I could see. And that sure wasn't due to a couple hundred cyclists riding slowly.

About time some of these letter writers looked in the mirror when whey want to bitch about the reasons for slow traffic.