Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Canyon Rim Trail

On a lark today we finally tried out the new Canyon Rim trail (I think we may have been the last people in Los Alamos to try it, but better late than never). It was a really relaxing ride, and stunning to boot. We're really excited to have this option to bike out to the new Los Alamos Co-op when it opens next year, but since that isn't open just yet we made our destination De Colores. I never thought that restaurant would be accessible by bike!

Rumor has it that 502 will have bike lanes when they're done updating that road, which will be another option to reach the edge of town. In the meantime, the only challenging section was turning left back onto 502 to get back into town when we reached the end of the paved trail. My only advice is to have patience and be safe. But definitely check that trail out if you haven't.


Khal said...

A note to cyclists. Just be sure to take it easy on the speed as that trail has a lot of twists and turns, some with limited visibility. Walkers come up fast on some of those sharp curves. They looked a little unnerved when we rode our tandem there and I was keeping the speed down. Honest.

Khal said...

Nobody out there riding today???

Amy said...

Yeah, true. Our family uses bells coming around corners on bikes - saw one too many close calls with pedestrians and bikes in Seattle on bike/pedestrian paths. Pedestrians tend to only hear the last part of "On your *left*" and will typically leap to the left as you pass them (thinking that you are directing them to move to the left maybe?). Bells sound happy and pedestrians tend to stay to the right when they hear them (in our experience).