Monday, May 16, 2011

Santa Fe Century: Happily Blowin' in the Wind

The New Mexican covered the Santa Fe Century.  
This is their picture. Go read the article.

Nice article in the Santa Fe New Mexican about the Century yesterday.

So, to paraphrase Bob Dylan, how many roads must a cyclist ride down, constantly blowin' in the wind? The answer, my friends, in a New Mexico springtime, is "a lot". Nonetheless, those of us who enjoy organized century rides dodged some bad luck this year when Charlie Loesch took over from an apparently ailing Willard Chilcott and made sure the ride went off as planned after it looked like it might be canceled.

Many thanks to Charlie for stepping into the breach and to all the aid station volunteers. Also to the motorcycle police presence, the National Guard sag Humvees, and all the others who pulled this off. All we did was ride! Finally, best wishes to Mr. Chilcott, who has directed this ride for over a quarter century, for renewed good health.

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