Sunday, June 26, 2011

Las Conchas Fire in the Jemez--this one's upwind again

There's a reason for those Stage III Fire Restrictions. According to latest reports in The Albuquerque Journal though, this one broke out on private land. Fire doesn't know boundaries I guess.

The sky was clear at 12:30 when I got back from a bike ride of the Bandelier Loop, where I ran into some Santa Fe folks riding up from the valley and we all road like fiends up the climb from Bandelier to Back Gate.  Had lunch, took a nap, and woke up to a dark sky. Apparently, the fire blew up at about 1 p.m. near the Las Conchas campgrounds near mile marker 35 of NM Rt. 4, about 12 miles upwind of us. The fire is growing fast in high winds. NM-4 is shut down at the Back Gate and some areas in the Jemez are starting to evacuate.

Be careful out there.
Looking across the neighbor's house

Sky above North Mesa at 3:45 pm
Our new neighbor--welcome to the hood, buddy!
Looking over the house at about 4 pm, and southwest from the Mari-Mac Shopping Center at about 3 pm


Anonymous said...

Stay safe folks.

Friends in San Ysidro - other side of the mountain.

Anonymous said...

Stay safe! We're hoping for the best for you.

Jon said...

We're packed for the essentials and are slowly trying to figure anything else useful/valuable/sentimental to toss in the car. See you all on the flip side.