Friday, August 5, 2011

Prosecutors Fiddle While 11-time DWI Loser Walks Free

"...A man whose own attorney once called him the "poster boy" for DWI problems in New Mexico seems to have slipped through the cracks once again...."

Cracks? Hell, I'd say these are more than cracks. Unless you consider the Rio Grande Rift "just a crack".

Its nice to know that predicate drunks who run down and maim us can be kept behind bars on felony convictions. But that only happens when the D.A.'s office has its act together and prosecutes the case. Such was not the case when John P. Chavez, an 11 time loser who at one point hit and dragged a Colorado tourist for several city blocks in Santa Fe while driving drunk, which left her in a six-week coma, got a "get out of jail free card" when the DA's office dropped the ball.

What is it about New Mexico that makes such judicial bumbling and fumbling the norm?

Be careful out there. We are obviously on our own.


Steve A said...

Sad. Are you going to tell us about

Chandra said...

That's terrible :(