Thursday, March 8, 2012

Has anyone had a close call with the right turn only/sharrows (bike) thru lane on Diamond at Canyon?

Sharrowed Right Turn Lane, looking North
The LCI list got into a recent discussion of having sharrows in the left half of a motor vehicle right turn lane when the lane userps the shoulder or bike lane.  Below is part of the discussion. Note that our situation is legal because it is marked by the County with sharrows.

Has anyone had a close call with our example?

From John Allen:
"I wouldn't be so rigid about this. Riding *near the left side* of a right-turn lane does not violate the destination positioning rule, inviting right hook collisions. When the shoulder of a road becomes a right turn lane, and resumes after the intersection, this lane positioning is in my opinion often entirely reasonable, though strictly speaking it is illegal. Laws and markings are being devised to change this in a number of places."

At 11:15 PM 3/5/2012, Bert wrote:
Rather than list my concerns, I would like to hear your comments on the use of Sharrows within a right-hand turn lane but for straight moving bikes. I have serious reservations about this proposal, possibly for NYS. Cyclists should stay in the right-most lane in the direction they are travelling.


MikeOnBike said...

I agree with John's reasoning about destination positioning, but a simpler solution is to remove the right-turn lane marking. If there are bike lane stripes, they should be dashed. Right turning traffic can yield to bikes and merge across the dashed lines to turn right.

Anonymous said...

I have had cars turning left from southbound Diamond onto Canyon cut me off twice at this intersection, but no problems with right turning cars turning from northbound Diamond onto Canyon.

I have had close calls with right hooks at several other side streets off Diamond.


Khal said...

Oncoming invisibility worries me, too.

Jon said...

I have had more incipient left-hooks while coming through in the rightmost through lane than while coming through in the combined right/bike lane.

The only right-turning problem I had there was someone turning right onto Canyon from northbound Diamond, from the LEFT through lane, on the red, without stopping...while I was in the crosswalk.

Anonymous said...

My observation is turning right on red without stopping is pretty much standard procedure with most drivers in LA, especially on the LANL side of the bridge (no consequences).