Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Volunteers needed for Tour de Los Alamos

I'm forwarding this for the Tour organizers. If you have not volunteered for the Tour de Los Alamos, its a great way to support the oldest bike race in the southwest.
The Tour de Los Alamos is Sunday the 17th of June, and they are in need of a few more volunteers. This is a great chance to give something back, and it can be pretty fun, too. A free t-shirt and sandwich go to volunteers.

Email Dave Zerkle at     dczerkle at msn dot com

Famous racers from all over the world vie to win the Tour de Los Alamos


Anonymous said...

Why are these fine gentleman not wearing plastic hats? What a terrible example for kids. OMG, the head trauma rate will skyrocket. Lawyers will become rich over this. I beg you, please, photoshop some hats on these guys.

Anonymous said...

How about we photoshop a boot up the ass of the first commenter instead?

Khal said...

I think it was meant as humor.

Come on, folks. Let's leave the acrimony to the SuperPACs.

Anonymous said...

Tongue planted more firmly in cheek than the above wished for boot between the other two cheeks.