Thursday, July 5, 2012

A video from Springfield, MO. In a bicyclist friendly community, why is cycling so rare?

From what I can see, not much difference between Springfield and Bombtown. Frankly, I'd rather be riding here than in Amsterdam if those video segments of Andy Cline's are representative of Amsterdam now vs. Amsterdam in 1986, when I spent a week there.

Bicycling is cultural. The reason we don't have more cyclists here has far less to do with infrastructure than it does with our mistaken belief that cycling is dangerous and not a good idea.

As far as actual hazard? Bicycling is no more dangerous than many activities we take for granted. Stop drinking the kool-aid, and start riding.


Steve A said...

Comment here AND at Carbon Trace:

So how come I had to go to Los Alamos Bikes to be able to watch Andy's trailer? Is this some sort of Wordpress evilness?

Watching it, I'll take Texas...

acline said...

Steve... Man, you must be doing some really non-standard stuff not to be able to watch that video from a Wordpress site ;-)

Steve A said...

Andy, based on those that have the same problem apparently not TOO non-standard. Regular iOS - like 70% of the tablet browser market.