Monday, August 27, 2012

Don't Drive (or Ride) Stupid

I've been meaning to find a way to work this clip in. After a recent senseless crash that left a cyclist injured and will probably leave a young driver facing charges that may hurt him for a long time, here 'tis...

Don't let Carlos be talkin' about you. Drive and ride smart. You can't un-break an egg, you gotta prevent it from breaking.   Just sayin'


Anonymous said...

A shame for the "perp" I have no idea about his reputation (attitude, etc.)or potential for the future.

It is fortunate that the result of his negligence did not result in serious injury or death.

Picture a young guy (& his gal) making a split sec. decision to continue and not totally sure they actually hit "C."

A responsible person would stop. I can see how the BAD decision was made to continue on. A SERIOUS MISTAKE!


john said...

Love that song, thanks for sharing.

Khal said...

Thanks, John, and thanks for the link, in case anyone needs it!