Sunday, December 16, 2012

LA Bikes reminds cyclists of winter safety considerations

The County is reminding folks who drive cars to take proper precautions during winter driving. I saw a few folks out there who didn't take that advice on Friday morning and one abandoned car blocking the right lane of Diamond on Conoco Hill. .Proper tires, lights, and cleared windows are minimum. Some talent driving on snow and ice would not hurt.

Likewise, cyclists who are out on the road owe the public some consideration, since some poor fellow will have to answer to your loved ones as to why you and your bike are under his car or you might have to answer to a pedestrian why you knocked her down.  Please equip your bicycle with lights and reflective surfaces if out at night or during inclement weather. Especially the Stealth Cyclist who rides past the CMR every night at about six and others like him.  In the event the roads are covered with snow or ice, please have tires that will give you some control and remember that being on two wheels requires more talent than on four when the roads turn white.
The Long Haul Trucker fit with an HID lamp 
and winter rubber
Studs optional

Note: REI used for reference only.

Motorists likewise should remember to allow that full five feet when passing. I was once passed by a motorist who waited to the last minute to move left on snow and then proceeded to do a full donut, putting both of us in a bad situation.

As Sgt. Phil Esterhaus says, "let's be careful out there".


bikeolounger said...

Not quite two years ago, after having a few days such that I drove to work because part of my bike commute route was snowed over and would not be cleared any time soon, I bought a bike that would accept off-the-shelf snow tires.

In the time since, I've had snow tires on that bike twice. One time to "run them in," in accordance with the manufacturer's suggestion, and once when I thought snow was going to be an issue (it wasn't).

We'll see what this winter brings to the land of the Kentucky Derby.

Steve A said...

In both places I now own homes, if it snows enough to make riding a bike sporty, I'll simply stay home.