Thursday, January 10, 2013

Bomb Town Cyclist to tackle the Race Across America

Lisa, courtesy of the Daily Post
Lisa Dougherty, who many of us know from her running and biking adventures, is training for this summer's running of the Race Across America, which starts on June 11th. As discussed in the Los Alamos Daily Post story, (I won't steal Carol's thunder, go read the full story over there) she is looking for crew volunteers. If interested, read the Daily Post story and contact Lisa at her web site.

I guess once you get comfy riding from Barranca to a job down on Pajarito Road, the rest of the coast to coast journey is easy! See? You too should bike to work!


Jerry said...


This is a pretty big deal and a big commitment. I think we should show more support here!

Little Jimmy said...

Best wishes and good luck, Lisa! Ride like the wind!

Hadleyd said...

This is awesome Lisa! You'll do awesome!