Friday, July 26, 2013

Ride yer bike to the airport?

This morning, we dropped off my sister-in-law for her trip back to the Beltway. Rather than drive to Albuquerque and back, we booked her on a New Mexico Airlines hop on NMA's Cessna 208A 675 Caravan aircraft for a 20 minute trip from Los Alamos Airport back to the Sunport. Calling us from the Sunport, she said it was a magnificent flight down the Rio Grande Valley.

Nice that you can literally ride your bike (or walk, or take Atomic City Transit**) to the BombTown airport and connect via Albuquerque to anywhere in the world!

Tooting our own horn perhaps a little bit, during the last decade, Los Alamos has successfully completed an airport extension project that will enable us to connect to regional airports, brought up the Atomic City Transit (ACT) bus service, coordinated ACT with the Northern New Mexico Regional Transit District service (such as it is...), passed a Complete Streets policy, a county bike plan, and implemented the bike plan in the Diamond Drive reconstruction. Plus, we now have a 2 MW solar array. Not bad for a start.

For some really great pictures and video taken up in the air between Los Alamos and Albuquerque on NMA, hop over to Tarik's web site.

** Effective May 24th, 2013, ACT Route 2 will begin serving the airport (LAM) upon request. Riders should advise the Route 2 driver of airport terminal building destination when boarding the bus. Riders should call 661-RIDE (7433) to request a Route 2 pick-up at the airport terminal building.

Not so big bird taxis in

All Aboard...

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Backdrop, Sangre de Cristos

Hang a right and next stop, Albuquerque

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Steve A said...

It is quite simple to ride one's bike to DFW. Ride to the TRE station and take the shuttle or lock up on the fence at remote south and take the shuttle.