Friday, November 8, 2013

New bike shop to open soon

While we were gearing up to ride home from CB Fox yesterday, a lady came running out of the building behind us with business cards. She wanted us to know that they were opening a new multi-sport shop, complete with ski and bicycle repair.

Brad Nyenhuis and his partner (whose name wasn't on the business card and, therefore, I instantly forgot, because I am lame) are new to Los Alamos, coming to us from Chicago. The couple is planning to provide ski, cycling, and running merchandise, just across the street from CB Fox. I heard the ski waxing machine running as I took this photo. There was even talk of the Los Alamos Co-Op helping them set up an espresso machine in the store.

My daughter checks out the wall of tools
I'm not good at writing copy, but I wanted to let our loyal readers know that this store shows all signs of really opening, hopefully before January.


Khal said...

Thanks, Neale. I've been meaning to wander past the store with a camera and see if there was anything to report. Glad you beat me to it.

Little Jimmy said...

I recently spoke with the owner. He seemed like a nice guy. I hope his business will succeed.

Meantime, Los Alamos does have <a href='>at least one other good mechanic</a>.