Thursday, May 15, 2014

Happy Bike to Work Day

Something related.  Richard Alley of Penn State geosciences discussing climatology at a 2013 American Geophysical Union Chapman Conference on Communicating Climate Science: A Historic Look to the Future. Watch this and go ride your bike to work. I think a whole bunch of the Chapman talks are on this page.


Steve A said...

Summarizing the video, if I plan to live well beyond 2050, I might want to bump up my priority on getting my Canadian passport. On the positive side, people might be able to grow tomatoes in what remains of Gray's Harbor County.

Chandra said...

Thanks for this link Khal. I enjoyed the comment on predictive modeling - something to the effect of, "if we can get the forcings right, if we can predict what humans are likely to do, then we can …". As a Statistician, I enjoyed this comment, even if it sounds somewhat theoretical; and, possibly as a noisy method. Right up my alley :)

Peace :)