Wednesday, August 13, 2014

School Starts careful out there

With school opening tomorrow, we can expect the usual mass confusion and heavier traffic than we have seen in the last few months.  Watch out for distracted or harried parents ferrying their kids to our various schools (while blocking bike lanes and pulling across your path).

In addition, I would suggest that that folks bicycling or motorcycling to LANL along the Diamond Drive corridor should be extra careful in the section of Diamond Drive between North Road and the Omega Bridge. There are numerous side streets and curbcuts (driveways) where students will add to the existing confusion and we can expect a lot of sometimes oblivious turning and crossing traffic. Several of my LANL colleagues have been decked, at least one suffered major injuries, and many of us have had near misses, myself included.

Be careful out there and if it’s your teen driving to the H.S. make sure he or she takes those car keys seriously.  Like loaded guns and alcohol, smart phones and moving cars don't mix very well.


JerryM said...

I'll be driving to work tomorrow :-)

Steve A said...

First day of school in Ocean Shores is September 3. Texas and its colonies start much earlier. Colleyville Schools start in August just like LA.