Sunday, March 8, 2015

Italy, Daylight Savings, Vernal Equinox, and All That

Fellow BombTown cyclist Frank Pabian emailed the Pajarito Riders crew from Italy, where he is enjoying great bicycling, riding and racing in some amazing places.  This link was last summer on the cobblestones of the San Gottardo Pass crossing the Swiss Alps. The first pic is last week in the foothills of Ticino, above Lugano, Frank on the left.

Could almost mistake that for the NM-4 climb into the Jemez....

Sez Frank: "Ciao Again, I had also meant to include these two slides...They take cycling pretty seriously here in Italy.  :)  One is a statue in the middle of a roundabout.  The other is a museum dedicated to a local hero, World Champion, Alfredo Binda.


Sure would be nice to see something like that in our proposed 4th Street roundabout or the existing one at the NE end of Diamond Drive. Meanwhile, life may not be quite so exciting in Los Alamos, but in honor of the clock moving ahead and the sun moving north, I converted Commuter I back to sport form, shown below, sans heavy wheels, winter tires, and fenders. The wheel swap alone saved me close to 200 grams per hoop, and will hopefully convince me to find a more convoluted ride home after work. The 650 lumen headlight and the taillights/reflectors will remain on the bike in honor of this being a work bike. The Delgado Cross wheelset and wider tires remain ready to go in case they are needed.

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