Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Chipsealing Strikes the Jemez Mts (NM-4) Again

Posted to Pajarito Riders by Amy Regan:

-----Original Message----- Subject: Bikers Beware, the State strikes again!

The State is chip sealing State 4 thru the Jemez starting at the west end of the Via
to the state 4, state 126 junction in La Cueva.

The east bound lane is almost done. They should start on the west bound lane today.
Why they wanted/needed to chip seal new pavement is beyond my ability to guess.
They are spreading pea gravel several inches thick over the tar and leaving it for 24
to 48 hours. Only then do they sweep the excess off. A real big mess. Spread the word... Keith


JerryM said...

Break out the gravel bikes! ...or at least your 28mm tires.

Khal said...

Every couple summers the county would chip seal our road out in Alden, NY. Hated it.