Monday, November 2, 2015

Potholes and Possibilities

Since we can't take pictures on DOE roads, here is for scale 

I sent this message to LANL. 

While bicycling on Sunday 1 Nov, I noticed, in addition to the large potholes on Diamond Drive in front of the CMR Building, a large pothole leading into the main VAP and another large pothole between Back Gate and Water Canyon on the eastbound lane of West Jemez road. Given the bad state of the roadway shoulder on the W. Jemez descent to Water Canyon, bicyclists are using the lane there. Plus, motorcyclists could be vulnerable.

Will these be fixed soon?

 Now, on to possibilities.

Lisa Dougherty and I have been batting around the idea of inaugurating a Tour de la Jemez "almost-a-century-ride" (not race) that would be combined with an easy, family ride in Los Alamos. Today I spoke to the Los Alamos Chamber Marketing Manager, Ryn Herrmann, about the idea. What I suggested is a combination easy ride that would take advantage of less busy street and bike laned streets in Los Alamos for families. The challenging ride for gonzo folks would start in Los Alamos, go out Back Gate and up NM4 through the Jemez, hang a right at NM126 in La Cueva, and go to the end of the paved road and then back again. That is about 85 miles. Not sure of the climbing but suspect it is well in excess of a mile.That is not the only option but NM126 is really quiet. I suppose an alternative would be down through Jemez Springs.
The pitch to the county would be as an economic driver (charity riders spend money on hotels, gas, and food as well as registration; one site I found regarding the Georgia 400 Century suggested around 500 a person), but I would require that a ride would have full support of the county to ensure plenty of places to eat on a weekend (when this town typically rolls up the sidewalks), and hotel availability. Ryn put me on the Lodger's Tax Board agenda for 17 Nov. to pitch the idea.
I then spoke to Brad at Fusion and Cyndi at Pet Pangea. Want to make sure that if this happens, it does not conflict with the Tour de LA. Brad was already thinking along the same lines and planning on going to the Lodger's Tax meeting.  Cyndi offered to be a brain trust since she has experience as the current Director Sportif of the Tour de LA.
The Bicycling Coalition of New Mexico has also expressed an interest in sponsoring such a ride.
So if this looks promising after the Lodger's Tax meeting, I'd like to suggest that anyone interested in pursuing this get together somewhere, perhaps over pizza or Bathtub Row beer, and discuss it further. My thoughts are we would not want to do it too early as it conflicts with the Santa Fe and Albuquerque century rides and bad weather in the mountains. Too late in the summer and we have to worry about a monsoon blowout in the early afternoon. Labor day is Red River and later in Sept. is the Tour of the Rio Grande Valley. So maybe June? But I'm not sure the market is saturated, and I think this ride would be glorious.
Holler if you are interested.


JerryM said...

Regarding potholes around LANL... you ain't seen nuthin yet! Just wait for wet and freezing weather and you will see lots more opening up. Huge, deep one at the "T" Diamond & Pajarito. Crash your bike for sure if you hit it.

JerryM said...

Looks like the UI folks patched the problem area in the "T" intersection. We'll see if they continue with some of the other potholes.