Wednesday, December 9, 2015

That Trump-Ugly Path That Better Not Be Before Us

Trump, with his fanning the flames of Islamophobiamay be full of shit, but his message should not be ignored by the public. We've actually gone down that ugly road once before, in the form of FDR's Executive Order 9066, which resulted in Japanese Americans, including native born citizens, spending WW II behind barbed wire through no fault of their own. Having lived in Honolulu for 14 years, maybe I'm just a little sensitive to that subject.

Over the weekend, we went to Santa Fe to do some shopping and on the way back home, stopped at the memorial to the Japanese-Americans who were forced into a WW II internment camp that was right in The City Different. The memorial is a big white granite block with a bronze plaque embedded in it, located on the hill overlooking the house we bought in Casa Solana. The memorial, shown below, is on the edge of the big dog park, the Frank Ortiz Park.

Santa Fe Internment Camp.
Photo from Wikipedia
 Turns out the Casa Solana development is built on what was a concentration camp. Think about that next time you drive by the neighborhood. I think I need to put up a Zen sculpture or Yorishiro in the yard.

So lest we forget, we've gone down this Trump-ugly road before. Paranoia does strike deep. Let's not let real problems lead to unreal solutions.


Steve A said...

People like Trump were one reason our Founding Fathers established a three-branch form of government in our Constitution. In the remote event that Trump actually got elected somehow, he'd have to swear an oath to protect and defend that same Constitution. Willful and continuing refusal to abide by his oath would certainly fall under "high crimes and misdemeanors" that the same Constitution specifies as grounds for removal from office.

McIlwaine Archer said...

I am reminded of the era of tail gunner Joe McCarthy. It will be interesting to see how many Americans accept this fear and hatred strategy this time around.