Saturday, February 20, 2016

Update on Bike Day at the Capitol from the New Mexico Motorcycle Rights Organization (NMMRO)

This is from Annette Torrez, Chair, NMMRO

The NMMRO and motorcycle community would like to thank you all for your support at Bike Day last Saturday. It was great to see so many of you there as we promote safety on our roads and higher penalties for those who injury us and are not held accountable.

I have some good and bad news:

Good news I saw Senator Lisa Terriaco last night at the Republican convention and she will sponsor our Careless Driving Bill next year and is really passionate about it. We need to start documenting all crashes on both sides.

Bad news is committee which she was heading to review current laws and updating the penalties has been put on hold indefinitely. So for now pushing the bill is our only chance to get this done.

Thank you again for your support it was our honor to team up with your community.

Sorry for delay in sending this email, Raymond and I both caught a cold after bike day

I included Rick Miera in this email.

Please forward this to the rest of your group.

We are putting video on Bike day to post on U Tube we will share with you.
Annette Torrez

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