Sunday, April 24, 2016

Hostile Driver Alert

From Reid Priedhorsky

Hi folks,

I encountered a particularly hostile and unsafe driver on Friday morning: near the top of the 38th St. hill, I was using the full lane, preparing to turn left onto Diamond, when I was passed at high speed despite “don’t pass” hand signals and upcoming blind corner. Subsequently, I was able to enjoy a profanity-laden tirade.

It was a silver VW sedan, turquoise NM plates, male driver, booster seat in the back. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a plate number. I suspect he lives in the Aspen School neighborhood and/or drops off a child at one of the two schools here.

I raise this here because I had a similar issue on Central a month or so ago, and I think it might be the same person: also a silver sedan, also a very unsafe high-speed pass. That is, there might be a pattern with this individual.

Could folks keep a look-out for this vehicle and take particular care to call the police if they witness any problematic behavior, and also share anything they learn so others (like me!) can help build a case that it’s a pattern. I’m not sure if this is the correct venue, but it’s what I could think of. Maybe we can get a handle on this guy before someone gets hurt.


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