Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Cash: 2001-2016

Whether it was catching frisbees several feet in the air while effortlessly gliding across a field, running alongside the mountain bike, pacing my slow and agonized running, or just sitting there asking me what the hell I was thinking, this guy was a priceless gift from some higher power. Today he is gone, a victim of old age, kidney disease, and neuropathy. This should not happen to such a kind and gentle soul.

To paraphrase that bicyclist  blessing, may the dog treats always be plentiful, may the cats worship you, and may the fields open endlessly before your effortless gait. Goodbye, Cash. I've not quite figured out life without you.


Steve A said...

Thanks. When I see such, I recall "Forever Young" from the ending credits of the movie "Max." Not the best movie ever made, but https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mkfsaloBiro says a lot about our furry friends - and about ourselves.

Steve A said...

For you younger readers, they should know that "Forever Young by Blake Shelton" is a redo of the original from 1973 by Bob Dylan. The song has since redone by many others, including Joan Baez, and, of course, lately by Blake. Still inspirational. In the movie end credits, there are lots of dog photos, including Labrador Retrievers, my personal favorites. Watch the movie, if only for the end credit song.