Thursday, March 16, 2017

Those Horribly Contaminated, Dangerous Stables. Right??

Sent to Daily Post.

 Having lived on North Mesa for the last sixteen years and having spent a significant amount of time running, walking the dogs, or riding the mountainbikes in, around, through, and behind the stables, I have yet to discover all the environmental degradation that Olga Chertkov is so worried about. Neither has anyone I have ever spoken to mentioned this allegedly shocking state of affairs.

Indeed, one would expect a certain amount of horse manure in a stable area and like any other activity in a rural or semirural environment, one makes allowances for where one has chosen to live. Indeed, if this is so bad, why has not the entire North Mesa community taken to torches and pitchforks at every County Council meeting? Heck, I practically needed a disguise to get home in one piece when I chaired meetings advocating roundabouts, so we know that your average Los Alamos resident will not tolerate a degradation of Our Pretty Darn Good Way of Life on the Hill.

Personally, I think suggesting that we get the stables off of North Mesa would be a terrible idea. Open space and open space activities are what make Los Alamos special and North Mesa very special in particular. The idea that we can walk out our front doors and hike or bike shared trails while hanging out with horses and horse people (as opposed to the proliferation of horse's hindquarters prevalent in many cities) is one of those important things that makes Los Alamos wonderful.

Finally, Ms. Chertkov suggests that we move the stables outside the city limits. If I recall correctly from the Sheriff's discussion, there are no city limits since this is an unincorporated county.

Leave the stables where they are. They are an integral part of the community.  Not to mention, I would prefer a little horse shit on the ground to a lot of Plutonium in the ground. Maybe we should move the lab...which, now that you mention it, pays the salaries of those who complain about a little horse shit.
Run away, run away!

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JerryM said...

Bravo! I assume this will show up in the LADP?