Wednesday, June 28, 2017

County Council Approves 2017 Los Alamos County Bike Plan

Got this email this morning.

Good morning T-Board and Bike Plan Subcommittee,

Just a quick note to inform you that Council adopted the bike plan last night.  Thanks for the great cooperative effort from all, the hard work of the subcommittee, and Desirae’s diligence with the details to see this through.  All in all, great team effort!

Eric Martinez

(Eric is the Los Alamos County Engineer, Dept. of Public Works)


Steve A said...

Do any of these bike plans ever get implemented as written? Certainly not in Dallas or Fort Worth. Looking back on the "Seattle 2000" plan, it deviated pretty wildly from what later happened as well. At least the last example is less sad than the first two.

Steve A said...

OTOH, in "Seattle 2000," there was no mention of mandating helmet usage, while Dallas has abolished its benighted helmet mandate after it turned out that helmet laws are mainly used as excuses to stop cyclists of color.

Khal said...

I think a likely difference is that in Los Alamos, there is widespread support for this plan from the elected Council, the leadership in our Public Words Dept, the business community and a lot of the public. Also, the county has been "acculturated" to bicycle infrastructure since our first plan went into effect in 2005. That differs from plans made up in a corner of the government, which is what I think we did in Honolulu in 1999.

The as written plan sets out goals, strategies, and policies and documents current guidance but leaves the door open to future thinking as far as how to implement the goals. I think that leaves room to grow without bumping into too many walls.

Well, that's my theory, anyway.