Monday, February 3, 2020

The Rally

Retired and highly decorated Army Sgt. Major William Apodaca-Fisk, on the left, was falsely put on a TX DPS gang database after he went to a motorcyclist's funeral and is sueing. Paul Landers (r) was charged in the Waco shooting but, along with most of those charged, had his charges dismissed.  We discussed profiling

Some local cyclists thought this rally was irrrelevant to them. But when's the last time you saw this many bicyclists at a political rally? One thing the biker crowd can do is get out the troops. 
Newhall and me in front center, Jennifer at the far back center. Can you see us now?

Former State Rep. Rick Miera is still in the thick of it, supporting two wheelers. He and I also discussed elderly and pedestrian safety.

Stephen Newhall (r) and Yours Truly (l). 
Jennifer Buntz and I spoke for the lycra and pedals crowd

It had to happen. On the way from Bike N Sport to the rally, Stephen Newhall and I cut through a parking lot to get to a side street in order to avoid making a left from busy Cordova. We saw a motorist with the right of way approaching from our left, so we stopped. The either annoyed or flustered motorist, alarmed at seeing a pair of bicyclists, rolls down the window and says "this is a busy place. too busy for bicyclists. what are you doing here?" I replied "I live here and pay taxes to support this place". The motorist glared back.

Is the road ahead to be shared?
Yep, that's why we need to do more than bitch and moan in emails about the irrelevance of political rallies. We need to get out there and be seen at the Legislature, City Hall, and on the road when someone questions our existence. Can you see us now?

All photos and video, at the link below, courtesy of the NMMRO Facebook page. Video and audio feed of all the presentations here:

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