Friday, March 16, 2012

Federal Transportation Bill Guts Cyclist's Rights on Federal Land

I won't re-invent the wheel, but direct you to John Allen's post over here. Given the amount of Federal road in the West, I suggest you call your congressional delegation and ask that the offending provision be removed. Here it is:

(d) BICYCLE SAFETY.—The Secretary of the appropriate Federal land management agency shall prohibit the use of bicycles on each federally owned road that has a speed limit of 30 miles per hour or greater and an adjacent paved path for use by bicycles within 100 yards of the road unless the Secretary determines that the bicycle level of service on that roadway is rated B or higher.

Details of what that means are covered pretty well in Mr. Allen's analysis.  I concur with John that there is little in that language which would make you safe and a lot that would restrict your ability to ride your bike.


Little Jimmy said...

So even though I bitch about riding on the road, it's really sad to read this kind of stuff. Every time people come up with stuff like this, it turns away another person (lots of people actually) who are toying with the idea of getting into bicycling or are on the fence about it. A car-dominated world is a sadness-dominated world. In a battle such as this though, I don't know whose rights win out: states' rights or federal power?

Oh well, I guess I'd better ride somewhere while it's still legal....

Jim Titus said...

This overstates the actual impact of the law. The Secretary has the discretion to only ban bikes where doing so is safe. See