Friday, October 17, 2008

Bike To Work Week/Day

LA Bikes will be coordinating Bike to Work Day on Thursday May 14, 2009. Events we're looking at for that day and the week leading up to it include a Commuter Challenge (where businesses compete for the highest percentage of bike commuters), the commuter convoys (like we've had in the past), breakfast burrito handouts to people who show up on their bikes (probably near Hot Rocks), an ABC Quick Check station (manned by one of the LCI's in town), and an education campaign (classes hopefully sponsored by the lab and the county). We'll also be looking at banners to put up around town and the lab and PSA's. If you're interested in volunteering for it in any capacity please contact me ( We could use ride leaders for the commuter convoys, people to approach businesses about the commuter challenge, hotshot bike mechanics to assist an LCI in quick tuneups at the ABC Quick Check station - that sort of thing.


Anonymous said...

See the previous post. All of this sounds great as long as you live on the hill or work for the lab. Make this year's Bike to Work all about opening up a viable corridor to White Rock residents. Make this year's Bike to Work about real change.

Amy said...
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Amy said...

I responded to this partly in the previous post. Khal or Neale can maybe clarify the closing of Pajarito Rd as the DOE's decision. Neale and I have had some students from White Rock in our classes - high school students actually - who were game for trying the truck route to get to school. I do know that many bicyclists do the loop on their lunch hours, and we have had commuter convoys from WR in the past. When I sat down to start planning BTWD a convoy from White Rock was just assumed on my part.

It seems like you really want Pajarito Road opened up to bicyclists. We need volunteers, so why don't you see what you can do to get it opened, especially if that's what constitutes real change for you. I don't know how possible that is.

One of my goals for this BTWD is to involve the county and local businesses, as I referred to in the Commuter Challenge description. We are by no means being exclusive to the lab or to people who live on the hill. It will be more fun for everyone to look beyond just the lab and make it a community-wide event. As I think I made clear in this original post.

Come and help out!

Khal said...

I've suggested several possible options for allowing non-badged cyclists on Pajarito Road, including having the county and lab cooperate on providing some sort of acceptable ID showing someone is a bona fide resident. But until there is both more interest and less of a risk-averse mentality in this nation, its a tough sell.

Pajarito is both direct and has good shoulders. I'd like to see it as a bike route.