Saturday, October 25, 2008

Central Ave: Ride on the sidewalk?

Neale Pickett noticed this interesting Central Ave. (by the Reel Deal) paint work yesterday and posted it onto his blog. This seems to indicate that cyclists are being diverted onto the sidewalk.

Not a particularly good idea, esp. given the heavy pedestrian use here. Not to mention completely contrary to vehicular cycling and the county bike plan. I'm certain its a goof.

Neale and I have emailed a question in to Kyle Zimmerman and Nancy Talley asking when they will fix this.


Amy said...

Any updates about this? Are these painting problems a quick fix, or will it have to sit in the county offices for awhile?

Khal said...

I have a call in to Nancy Talley and if need be, will bring it up at the T board next week. Calls or emails from concerned citizens are not a bad idea.