Friday, February 13, 2009

And Ed Grothus is gone...

Being an anti-nuke activist in Los Alamos must be one of the few things harder than being a bicycling activist in a land of motorists. A hard sell. So when Ed Grothus finally checked out this week, perhaps it was to him a bit of a reprieve.

But when so much seems to be measured in everyday terms such as meeting milestones or performance initiatives, Ed (seen here on Youtube) reminded us that a mushroom cloud is more than an abstraction. Or, as Robert Oppenheimer might paraphrase from the Bhagavad Gita , "we have become death, the destroyer of worlds". Not just with bombs, either. How many species have gone extinct due to Man's having overwhelmed our natural systems? We are practically as efficient as a bolide impact!

So keep the big picture, not just the small stuff. That goes for most things. Including bicycling advocacy.

Godspeed, Ed. And let's remember that granite lasts a lot longer than humankind.

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