Friday, February 6, 2009

Bob Mionske and Velonews: Good Night, and Good Luck

Bob Mionske has ended his Legally Speaking column in The last essay is titled Good Night and Good Luck. Guess Bob watches the same movies I watch. Or, follows the same famous journalists. The essay is an excellent synopsis of where we are in the continued saga of cyclists's rights.

Fortunately for us, Bob is quite the web presence. He is continuing online with a blog. And, his book. And, Velologue.

According to his web site, Bob is not ceasing his bicycle magazine writing. Rather, he will be moving his articles to Bicycling Magazine. Guess I'll keep paying my LAB dues since the mag comes as a fringe benefit to membership.

I'm still disappointed by the change. Even long after I have gotten too fat to race anything other than the Grim Reaper, who is always trying to catch my wheel, I still follow closely. Bicycling gave the bum's rush to most of the columnists (Langley, Pavelka, etc. who are now here) whom I used to follow.


Rick B said...

In addition to the print column in Bicycling, which should be out next month, I think, look for Bob's new online column/blog at

Same Bob, same message, new audience. We're excited about this opportunity to reach people who haven't read Bob's perspective on cyclist's rights before, and hope you'll continue to enjoy the new columns!

Rick Bernardi

Khal said...

Hi, Rick

Thanks for checking in. I look forward to Bob's comments on as well as the print version.

This may actually be a good change in some respects. Bicycling reaches the general cycling audience whereas Velo reaches the racing folks.