Sunday, November 14, 2010

Cerrillos and St. Francis Bike Trap

I had posted this comment on my other site as it doesn't have to do with Los Alamos and further, I wanted some offline (of this list) comments back. But here it is--my response to the NM DoT signage warning cyclists that they can cross the St. Francis-Cerrillos intersection at their own peril. Like NM DoT's lip paving of shoulders, this intersection isn't exactly considerate of cyclists or for that matter, anyone on two wheels. If this was an out of the way crossing, it might be excusable. For the main intersection in the State Capitol, it seems to me this treatment sends a message.

Feel free to comment. I have comment moderation set up on that site as most of the posts are my typical, Left of Karl Marx stuff, and I want to keep it civilized over there.

See full post over at the North Mesa Mutts site.

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