Monday, November 29, 2010

More take to bike commuting?

Picture and story from National Public Radio.  More links to this at the LAB blog.  This includes some recent work by Rutgers Professor of Planning and Policy John Pucher.

I wonder if we can get Michael Anastasio and Tony Mortillaro to commute by bike. When the boss rides a bike to work, folks will notice.

With rumblings in Congress to take away the tax benefits connected with job-based health care coverage, more Americans may want to think carefully about the health quality of their lifestyles rather than expect someone to hand them a pill and a health card. Sedentary behavior? Not. Personal mobility? Right answer.

Thanks and a tip of the skid lid to Andy Cline for reminding me to comment on this story, which I heard on the radio this morning.

National Geographic Society CEO John Fahey (left), pictured with Cole Ingraham, has a long-standing invitation for his employees to join him for a lunchtime bike ride.


Steve A said...

Bike grease on your calf? You gotta be kidding me! I have had grease on my hands, and on my forehead, and even on a pants cuff, but never on my calf. How would a bike commuter accomplish such a feat?

Neale said...

My wife seems to have a real knack for it. I think it's the sort of skill that takes practice.

Wait, how are you riding that you get chain grease on your forehead???

Khal said...

I told Steve that I regularly sport bike grease on the right calf. Was worse when my bike was too big for me (that Redline I had for a few years) and I had to lean it over at stops.

Neale said...

Oh heeeey. Khal, do you put your right or left foot down at stops? I put my left foot down every time and can't think of a day I had a ringprint on my thigh. I wonder if it's the right-foot-down people who get the temporary tatoos.

Khal said...

Probably is, Neale. I've always been more comfortable unclipping the right foot.