Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Advocacy Research and bicycling promotion

As a former academician who still tries to be an academic in outlook, I'll defer for now to Andy Cline but suggest you go read Andy, who still is an academic, in this discussion of the perception of a lack of impartiality in (advocacy?) research studying bicycle promotion. Regardless of one's personal point of view, one has to attempt to put some intellectual distance between research and researcher when doing academic research. Go read for yourself.

When Loaded Language Attacks!

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Steve A said...

Liberal academicians attacking liberal academicians. That's like magnetic north poles coming together. I'm waiting for cyclists (and their advocates) to realize that liberals in government just want to get them dependant on government handouts instead of reaching the logical conclusion that bikes are the form of transport LEAST dependent on government favoritism.

OTOH, I'd also rather not have the troglodytes try to ban me from the road my taxes have paid for.