Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Steve Magas: Understanding Bicyclist-Motorist Tensions

Steve Magas is an attorney practicing in Ohio, and a contributor to Bicycling and the Law with Bob Mionske. Good article on his web site, a condensed version of which was submitted to the Columbus (OH) Dispatch.


By: Steve Magas, April 13, 2011
The Columbus Dispatch asked me to write 750 words for their op-ed page.  Not sure when, or if, it will run, but here’s an expanded, and annotated, version of what I sent in…
Steve Magas, The Bike Lawyer

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Amy said...

Great article. Thanks for posting it.

Neale and I both had trouble out there today, especially on Central. I'm not sure what the deal was today - maybe there was a backup on Trinity that was causing people to rush down Central - but people seem to be perfectly willing to pass within inches and cut us off. It was a little disconcerting.

Take the lane and be watchful! I'm getting a little tired of sounding like a broken record, but once again, bicyclists are allowed on the road, and allowed to take the entire lane! I suggest that people wanting bikes on the sidewalk to go out, walk down a sidewalk and have a friend ride their bike toward you at 20 mph. Then you tell me where bikes should be.

After today, I'm wishing that we could get some sharrows put in on Central. But if wishes were horses...