Monday, October 17, 2011

Bob Fuller's Roadside Memorials

With all the talk over how to redesign Trinity to be bike-ped safe and with this being our largest employer's "traffic safety month", I still think I need to remind us that the biggest issue we face is not specific designs but lagging human behavior. Hence this video, which is guaranteed to offend everybody. Its been around the block for a few years but I had not thought of it until I emptied out an old computer case and found, much to my surprise, the Bob Fuller Roadside Memorial business cards.

Yep, I have the business cards too if you wish. Given to me by Randy Neufeld back when he headed up Chicagoland Bicycle Federation, back when we both were attending the 2006 Pro-Bike/Pro-Walk conference in Madison, WI. Enjoy, and while watching out for those distracted drivers and oblivious joggers, remember that this is actually deadly serious business. I'll find the collection of descansos pictures I took a few years back and post them later.

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JerryM said...

If only we could figure a way to place the business cards under the windshield wipers of those folks who are habitually unsafe, risk-taker drivers... maybe that would send a message? ... maybe.