Tuesday, October 11, 2011

GM to Students: Get Hooked Early. Young Lady to Bicyclist: Go Ride That Bike

From the look on that woman's face, he's got nice quads...
Or something. 
Kudos to BikePortland and the LAB for running this up the flagpole

Having been in the loop with a couple of campus facility managers and even a University Vice Chancellor for Operations during my time, I bet they are less than pleased with that advertisement, unless GM is paying for the next parking structure, road project, and traffic management study. Especially for urban campuses such as the U of Hawaii.  Just what they need—more cars.  My understanding is UH is vying for Bicycle-Friendly Campus status, having just made honorable mention. Congrats to Kathy Cutshaw, the UH Vice Chancellor for Administration, Finance, and Operations, and her remarkable team. Back when I was on the SOEST faculty at UH, Kathy, as chief administrative officer of the School Of Ocean and Earth Sciences and Technology (SOEST), was working to make SOEST a bicycle-friendly university unit.

Not to mention, I knew too many students back at the UH who were hopelessly in debt and had to work part time jobs to cover the bills spent on shit I never dreamed of owning in college, rather than using their time to study. It’s tragic. One has the rest of one’s life to buy toys. Presuming, of course, you leave college with that sheepskin rather than broken and burdened with a mountain of senseless debt.

On the other hand, that pretty girl in the car is giving that guy on the bike a pretty serious looking over. Sigh…for a twentysomething guy, that’s actually a pretty good advertisement for riding a bike on campus and saving the money spent on a large, gas guzzling liability instead for a date. If I were the local bike shop, I'd have that ad on my door pronto.

Speaking of, I once gained a lady friend on campus back in grad school at Stony Brook University when I rode my old Motobecane Mirage to the Stony Brook natural food store to grab some groceries for a pot luck. She was a friend of the friend of mine throwing the pot luck. When I said I was there to  “score some veggies for the potluck” while loading them into my pannier, I immediately had a new friend. One has to have priorities.

Looks to me like GM pulled the ad, by the way. I suspect they saw all those young men fantasizing about that dark haired young girl and then stampeding to their Local Bike Shop.

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Steve A said...

Is that passenger about to door that cyclist? Is that a real ad? Is GM STILL that stupid? Did my tax dollars help pay for this? Am I POed?