Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Change We Can't Believe In.....

Interesting ride to work this morning. Riding out of the roundabout from North Mesa in the inside lane of Diamond, I was checking to see if I could merge over into the bike lane as there was a car coming in from Barranca in the outside lane and that often results in me being overtaken on my right. What I do is look over my right shoulder and either wait to be overtaken or negotiate crossing the lane.

So while gauging that situation, the lady in the small black sedan following behind me from North Mesa with the Obama bumper sticker in her back window got impatient and went over the DOUBLE set of double yellow lines to pass me in the oncoming lane rather than wait five seconds. And we wonder why motorists kill people. 

I guess that “change we can believe in” doesn’t include YOUR changing to a more responsible driver, eh, love?


bikeolounger said...

Gah! Some folks are just too impatient for "change" to happen!

Ian Brett Cooper said...

What can I say - I've seen so many of these kinds of things in the past few weeks it's getting depressing. I'm just pinning my hopes on gasoline getting more and more costly in the next few years so that there are fewer and fewer bozos on the road.

bikeolounger said...

Yeah, I read your post (and commented) regarding the one intersection, Ian. People are going nuts from all the exhaust fumes getting in their cars!

Anonymous said...

Distracted drivers
Impaired drivers
Aggressive/impatient drivers
Incapable (stupid) drivers

They are out there taking lives every day (just last week around here). Your best bet for survival as a cyclist (or driver) is to NEVER let your guard down and ALWAYS attempt to anticipate the next "bad" driver "bad" move. If you can do this, you will probably be OK.

In our "modern," cushy society, this situation will only get worse until cars start driving themselves and can be programmed to behave appropriately, including recognizing the cyclist.


Anonymous said...

How is her Obama bumper sticker relevant? I look forward to your next post complaining about a driver with a Romney sticker.

Khal said...

I'll let you know when that happens, Anon. Meanwhile, my guy has been dissed by this motorist.