Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Kwage Mesa Trailhead Blocked by Construction Company

Note 11-15-12. The trailhead is now open after discussion between the County and the construction company.

Yesterday I was riding on the singletrack at the back of North Mesa and noted that even though the County trail folks (aka Craig Martin) re-routed the Kwage Mesa Trailhead and its extention to the North Mesa tennis court parking in order to avoid the construction of the covered equestrian center, the contractor fenced off the trailhead completely. I put in a call to Craig Martin and he is contacting the contractor about that.

If Craig gets the run-around, I'll be happy to raise Cain with the county about this completely unnecessary blockage. The county went through the trouble to move the trail, and now the contractor has blocked it anyway. The trails should remain open. If anyone wants to assist in grumping about this, should it become neccesary, let me know.


Little Jimmy said...

Hi Khal,

I'm happy to assist. That's a great trail. I got flummoxed the first day they turned the old trailhead into a crater of soft dirt. The alternate trail works great. Kwage mesa is a great place to ride, particularly this time of year. Let me know if you need someone else to grab a pitchfork and a torch to storm the castle...

Khal said...

Hi, Jim

I called the county administrator but meanwhile, the construction guys returned a call from Craig Martin and all is well.

I have a vested interest in that trail. I live on North Mesa and its my favorite short ride when all I have time to do is roll out of the driveway, hope over the sidewalk on San Ildefonso, and do a dirt ride right in the backyard. Therefore, I know how popular this trail is with all sorts of hikers, bikers, and dog walkers. Not to mention, equestrians.