Saturday, March 2, 2013

Los Alamos Half Century

I figured out a route that is roughly fifty miles and entirely within Los Alamos County. If anyone is interested in riding it on one of these hopefully upcoming warm spring days, I'm game. If nothing else, it would be nice to have some weekend rides where some of us informally get together to get some time on the bike and shoot the shit. My ulterior motive is to convince the Lodger's Board and the local C of C to sponsor a ride like they do in Santa Fe, Red River, and elsewhere. This route would hopefully only require a ride permit from one jurisdiction, LAC. It also avoids the VAPs for those who are VAP-averse.

Anyway, here is the course. Minor modifications welcome.

Start at the Golf Course parking lot. Alternatively, start at Starbucks or Coffee Booth. Its always better to start where there is coffee.
Ride out of town from the start to West Road.
Take West Road to West Jemez and turn right, head to back gate.
Left at Back Gate onto NM4
NM4 to Monte Rey Drive South, turn right
Turn right on Potrillo
Turn right on Rio Bravo
Turn right on Monte Rey North
Turn right on Piedra Drive
Turn right on Piedra Loop
Turn right on Sherwood
Turn right on Grand Canyon
Turn Right on Rover/Meadow
Turn right on Overlook, ride out to the overlook to regroup, eat, shoot the shit (this would be a possible location for an aid station)
Ride back out Overlook road, Right on Meadow
Right on Rover
Left at light back onto NM4
NM4 to Back Gate, right on W Jemez
Left on Camp May/West Road. Continue straight ahead on West Road if you want to return to start for 50 miles, turn left on Camp May and ride up to the Pajarito Ski Lodge for an 8 mile out and back if you want a harder metric century. Warning: the downhill can be REALLY FAST.
West Road to Diamond
Left on Diamond, return to whereever we start

I clocked this just now with the K1100RS and its just about fifty clicks with the start/finish at the Golf course. Any takers?


Steve A said...

You've been nominated!

Anonymous said...

The K1100RS? What happened to the LHT?

Khal said...

I was lazy yesterday.