Friday, March 29, 2013

So Long, Tom Roach

From this morning's Daily Post, including the picture here.

County Pavement Manager Tom Roach Retires

Tom Roach with Traffic Manager Nancy Talley. 
Photo from the Daily Post
Tom has done a great job over the years keeping our streets paved and clear of snow, usually working with tight budgets. He has done this with good cheer and dignity. As our Transportation Board chair, I worked with Tom for several years and believe me, being pavement manager sounds like it can sometimes be a thankless job--if the phone rings, someone is mad at you. 

As a cyclist and former T Board Chair, my hat is off to Mr. Roach and I wish him well in his retirement. Those will be big shoes to fill.

Plus, sooner or later, I'll edit out all the poor writing from this short post.


Steve A said...

No need to edit!

Khal said...

I think I already edited it four or five times by the time you said that.

Little Jimmy said...

Tom is a great guy. Best wishes to him!