Thursday, May 16, 2013

Skies Clear for Ride of Silence

Like a parting of the seas, the heavy thunderstorms lifted promptly for the Ride of Silence in Los Alamos. Thanks a million to Lily Cohen for doing all the heavy lifting to get this off the ground, to the riders who participated, and to LAPD for sending a representative. It was particularly important to have this ride up here. We have been blessed with relative safety in Los Alamos County, but recently lost one of our own when Rob Oakes was taken out elsewhere in New Mexico by an errant driver. Thanks also to Lily Cohen and Lori Erickson for sending me pictures to post. There is more coverage at the Daily Post and in the Los Alamos Monitor, although for the Monitor, I think you need a subscription to read it online.

Stuck inside a Subaru with the Bike Week Blues Again

As luck would have it, I injured my foot about a month ago. It kept getting worse, so when a local podiatrist had a cancellation yesterday, I decided to have it looked at. A few minutes of ultrasound showed a damaged tendon sheath surrounded by a lot of swelling and fluid that needed to be removed. A local anesthetic and a needle meant for a horse later, I hobbled out with instructions to stay off my feet the rest of the week. Bummer for bike week. So if you see a grumpy old guy in a car looking wistfully at anyone on their bicycle for the next couple days, its probably me.

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Little Jimmy said...

The ride was beautiful and powerful, Khal.

Hope you're on the mend soon and that sometime a day will come when we won't have anymore names to read from the Grim Roster.

With apologies to John Irving, "Keep passing the texting vehicles."

--Little Jimmy