Wednesday, June 19, 2013

BombTown's Lisa Dougherty Continues her Race Across America

Lisa's RAAM progress can be followed here.
A direct link to her information is here.
Everybody's info is here.

Wow. That has to be hard....

From Lisa's home page.
In other topics of occasional interest, here is the latest spin on "how safe is it to ride a bicycle"?

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JerryM said...

I have been following RAAM from the beginning. Looks like Lisa has been quite consistent in performance from the beginning. My opinion is she, and her crew, have their act together on this and her performance will probably improve toward the end.

In any case, Lisa and crew deserve a "hero's" welcome upon return to Los Alamos. Not sure what it should look like, but it needs to happen. Good coverage at the Lab and LADP also!