Thursday, June 13, 2013

Local Environmental Group is Cover for Bomb Making Activity. Or was that "balm"?

"04/17/11PEEC presents Homemade Balms and Bars Class
For Homemade Balms and Bars, Debby Wood will be...

 There. Now that I got the NSA's attention...

Funny how a simple request for publicly-discussed and agreed upon traffic or speed cameras can create a near-insurrection in most communities, but revelations that Feds have been collecting vast amounts of of our phone records in secret barely creates a whisper beyond the usual suspects such as the ACLU. We annually kill about 650 bicyclists (2010-11 numbers) and kill more peds per year than died in 9-11, the single worst case of international terrorism carried out on our soil. Annual total traffic deaths in the U.S. generally are more than ten times the 9-11 carnage.

"Is that a balm scent on your pants, ma'am, or is my dog just happy to see you?"

I don't know about you, but as a cyclist, I worry more about my colleagues texting and yacking their way to work every day than I do about a terrorist. To make our lives safer on the roads, no secretly concocted 4th Amendment violations are required; there is not a fundamental right to privacy in the operation of a vehicle on a public street.  But the public is inured to roadway carnage. We, however, dive for cover and allow virtually any Federal indiscretion as soon as a keffiyeh is waved in front of us. Go figure.

Perhaps our priorities are misplaced?

Annuit Coeptis: The President has approved of this spying

Guess we need to add an eternal ear to this.
Motorists exempted from all scrutiny, of course...

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Steve A said...

Embrocation. Cycling's great secret.