Sunday, October 20, 2013

Balancing Rocks in Pueblo Canyon

There are several ways to get down into Pueblo Canyon and all are worth exploring. Today I rode down from North Mesa and rode along the back of the golf course (East Fork Trail?) to the jeep road where it drops down into the canyons and from there, crash-dove into Pueblo with the hind end low and off the back of the Stumpjumper seat. Plenty of tent rock to photograph if the spirit moves you. Climbing back out for me was a bit of huffing and puffing on foot, as I am not quite the expert on riding the mountain bike up extremely steep slopes. Great morning, regardless.

Lots of evidence of damage from the big storm, including downed trees, pieces of pipe and construction debris, and washouts. The county has bulldozed access since then, so its an easy ride along the bottom of the canyon.

For a good quality pdf map of the trail system, go here.

Tent rocks at the bottom of Pueblo Canyon
Pardon whatever ails the Blackberry's camera


Steve A said...

Blackberry, didn't they used to make cell phones as well?

Khal said...

When my contract with Verizon renews, I plan on getting anything but a Blackberry and taking this one to the range as a target.