Friday, October 11, 2013

Will October 18th Bring Us Biketown Instead of Bombtown?

 With the Feddle Gummint still in a childish snitfest over the budget (I'll say what I really think over at North Mesa Mutts at some point but will spare the bike page my personal political animosity), we may soon see an entire county in Northern New Mexico, ours, unemployed, even if only temporarily. Should this come to pass and LANL shut off the lights on the weekend of the 18th, we will have more time and less money on our hands.

Perhaps in such a case its a good time for the public to put away the gas card (for local trips) and dust off the bicycle as a mode of local transportation. Bicycling to Smith's, Metzgers, The Coffee Booth, the Co-Op, etc.,  doesn't require one to drop dollars into the Regular, Premium, or Diesel slot and can help fill time with healthy outdoor fall activity in between bouts of cleaning the garage, catching up on reading, and re-learning how to cook from scratch.

 I sent an email to the General Manager of the Los Alamos Co-Op and copied Pajarito Riders, asking if there is interest in a bicycle clinic at the Co-Op, should Uncle Sam turn off the lights at LANL next weekend. I also decided to toss the idea past Council and the Chamber of Commerce.

This could be a healthy, productive way to avoid a furlough funk while covering your basic ABC Quick Check, Traffic Reminders, Lights and Reflectors, and How To Carry Goods on a Bicycle Without Falling Over. Maybe other stuff as well.

Waiting to hear back from anyone....

If its good enough for Harold.....

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