Sunday, December 29, 2013

Col du Coffee Run

On a small knoll up on the Mitchell Trail
LHT in go-anywhere, do anything mode.
Ok, it lacks fenders.
I wish Richey still made these tires. 
The blue sidewalls match the bike paint rather nicely
The Surley Long Haul Trucker, which is getting to be one of my favorite bikes in the fleet, rides quite happily on fat tires. I have a pair of 26" x 2.1 inch folding Richey Speedmax WCS tires I bought some years ago but which don't feel quite right on the Stumpjumper, although I've ridden the Stumpy with them and they are fast, if not incredibly grippy in soft stuff. The Speedmaxes end up doing winter duty on the LHT in the event I get caught in snow. They roll easily but also ensure the LHT can go almost anywhere. Anywhere includes riding a little ways up the Mitchell Trail, just for shits and grins, on the way to get some coffee beans at Fusion Cafe and Coffee Roasters.

Riding up was not a problem, other than Mr. Gravity told me I should swap out the 26 tooth granny ring for a 24 if I am going to do that more often--lower is better when an old fat guy is grinding up loose trail at a steep pitch. Riding down on a bike without suspension was a bit jarring but very controllable.

Got to the coffee place in time to snag a bag of beans. I also waved hello to Neale Pickett on the way back from town, as he was waiting at a bus stop on Central. Interestingly, the beans were a medium roast rather than a dark roast, as Brian Booth used to prepare. Not sure that they are changing style or if this was an oddball roast. I guess next time I will stipulate "dark roast, please".

Happy New Year.

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