Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year

I've yet to make a New Year's Resolution other than to not make New Year's Resolutions. Other than that, it helps to sometimes take a high level view of things. Therefore, I rode up Camp May Road today to get that big picture, as you can see below, ruminating on All Things In Life as I turned over the pedals on the Cannondale. At my age, sixty in a little over three weeks, one has to wonder where one has been and where one is going, as well as how one got there.

Time stops for no one, or as my stepdad, who will hit 80 this year said recently while laughing, "Where the hell did the time go?"

Hope your day went well and that 2014 finds you clean roads and the wind at your back.

Happy New Year from 9,000 feet.
Charred trees courtesy of a downed power line, 
Las Conchas, 2011.


GreenBici said...

Happy New Year to you and yours, Khal.
Peace :)

Khal said...

You too, Green!

Ian Brett Cooper said...

Happy New Year!

I over-indulged a bit last night. Still recovering.